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Eric Tyler focuses on the intersection of economic development and technology in global markets through his work as the co-founder of Globality, World Bank CGAP consultant, and adjunct fellow with the think tank New America. More on his projects and writings below.

Research Update: A New Direction for Financial Inclusion in India?

After months of research, data collection and interviews with almost 30 of India’s leading financial institutions, colleagues and I released a report this month titled “From Social Banking to Financial Inclusion: Understanding the Potential for Financial Services Innovation In India“.

I was excited to see that The Wall Street Journal wrote up a nice summary of some of the takeaways from the research here: “Why So Few Indians Have Bank Accounts” along with the social enterprise blog, Next Billion: “Innovative Banking Strategies for the BOP in India“.

I also published an op-ed “A new direction for financial inclusion?” in the Wall Street Journal’s Indian business-focused newspaper Live Mint offering my recommendations for the Reserve Bank of India newly created committee on financial inclusion.

A big thanks to our research partner MicroSave and the participating institutions including the State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, FINO, IFMR among others.

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