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Eric Tyler focuses on the intersection of technology and economic development in global markets. He is a consultant with the World Bank CGAP, co-founder of Globality, a startup supporting entrepreneurs and multinationals across more than 100 countries, and an adjunct research fellow with the think tank New America. His writings and work have been published in print and online in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy Magazine, CNN International, among other outlets. A rundown on his current projects and a selection of his writings and presentations below.

You can reach Eric at Erict19 (at) gmail (dot) com


Speaking Engagements:

The U.S. State Department’s TechCamp’s Mobile Technology Training in New Delhi, India  September 7th & 8th, 2015 (Trainer)

Mobile Technology: A Change Agent in the United States and Across the Globe”  The Brookings Institution,  13th December 2012 (Panelist)

How Technology & Social Media Are Transforming the Economy”         The Atlantic and National Journal’s Networked Nation, 7th June 2012 (Panelist)

Tracking Progress Toward Financial Access”                                           New America  & The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 22nd May 2012 (Panelist & Presenter)

Complete list here.


Taking the Jeff Bezos Approach to Building Your Own Startup” Forbes, 5th December 2013

Entrepreneurs Take to the Seas for Inspiration” CNN International, 25th January 2013

Tearing Up the Syllabus in the Name of Social Enterprise” The Guardian, 4th March 2013

The Momentum Behind the Social Entrepreneur Movement” The Huffington Post, 29th May 2013

“A New Direction For Financial Inclusion?” The Wall Street Journal’s Live Mint, 18th November 2012

Mobile Phone Data: The Oil of The Digital Age” The Guardian, 19 July 2012

Africa: Frontier of Innovation and Growth” CNN, 27th June 2011

Dialing Down Corruption in Afghanistan” Foreign Policy, 13th April 2012

Are Mobile Solutions Overhyped?” CNN Room for Debate, 7th February  2012

Taking Mobile Money Forward” Next Billion, 1st March 2012

From Social Protection to Financial Inclusion and Beyond” World Bank CGAP’s Technology Blog, 26th November 2012

A 5 Billion Mobile Workforce” Next Billion’s Big Idea Series, 8th October 2012

Mobile Phones and 21st Century Poverty Alleviation” The Ladder, 15th November 2010

21st Century Statecraft: What does it really mean?” TechChange, 23rd August, 2010

In the News:

Globality Want to Turn Facebook, LinkedIn  Connections Into Real-World Success” The Wall Street Journal, 30th May 2014

Operation Educate the Educators” The White House’s West Wing Week [Video], 4th October 2012

Cell Phone Connectivity Changes Economies, Health Care, Lives Across Globe” National Journal, 14th December 2012

Mobile Technology A Game Changer In Developing World” CIO Magazine, 14th December 2012

Why So Few Indians Have Bank Accounts” Wall Street Journal, 1st November 2012

Personal Financial Management Tools Flunk” PBS’s Next Avenue, 12 October 2012

Idea for Mobile App to Assist Low-Income Families Wins Award” NAF Press Release, 27th September 2012