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Now almost a decade after Jeff Bezos made the decision to start Amazon, the barriers to building a technology startup have never been lower. New technologies have equipped a wave of entrepreneurs around the world to build startups faster and cheaper. Open source technologies have allowed users to “fork” and build on top of existing software rather than reinvent the wheel. Massive open online courses have brought top university classes and teachers to computer screens across the world. And social media has provided a platform to scale across networks and connect directly with leaders as never before.

Nevertheless, it’s almost impossible to keep up with these evolving and expansive technologies. Jeff Bezos might have said it best when he commented on the pace of technology. “We humans co-evolve with our tools. We change the tools, and the tools change us, and that cycle repeats.”

I am seeing this first hand. This week, teammates and I launched a startup toolbox that opened up findings of our market research with technology entrepreneurs across three continents. The toolbox compiles a range of resources from prototyping tools and online courses to technology accelerators and influential Twitterati that entrepreneurs identified as most useful in their endeavors. In an attempt to evolve with users’ preferences and keep up with n

Balancing Risk & Regret in Building a Startup

A version of this op-ed was originally written for Forbes. Before being worth an estimated $25 billion and before Amazon was under scrutiny for it’s work-life balance policies, Jeff Bezos went to his boss to seek advice about the risk of quitting his established finance job to pursue…

Profiled In The Wall Street Journal! Globality Wants to Turn Online Connections Into Real-World Success

Article originally from The Wall Street Journal here (excerpt below) Globality’s algorithm is based on research from Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Osaka University showing that strong online networks correlate with offline success. Studies comparing entrepreneurs’ use of social media with their business success found that those who were well-positioned…